Wooden shutters are proving ever more popular. Solid wood frame and panel shutters are particularly suitable for homes with thick brick or stone walls. We can provide custom made window shutters in English oak, English ash, cedar of Lebanon, sycamore, elm and walnut. (To view the different woods, click onto ‘Species of timber & samples’.)

Please scroll down and use the arrows left and right to view a selection of custom made shutters:

  • English oak panel shutters, wooden shutters
  • English oak treble panel shutters
  • Folding wooden shutters
  • Shutters and window board
  • Wooden shutters in  casement window
  • Shutters with window board
  • Double door shutters open
  • Double door shutters closed

Some advantages of shutters:

An attractive feature in your home
Shutters stand the test of time and changing fashion trends (unlike curtains)
Less dust builds up with shutters than with curtains
They provide good sound and thermal insulation
Efficient at blocking out sunlight on hot days
Increased security potential