sustainable timber, bespoke carpentryAs all bespoke carpentry by Matt Belfrage is individually designed and crafted, each piece will be costed according to the timber used, the complexity of the piece and the time involved in making it. To give a rough guideline, here are some example prices:

  • Windsor comb back chairs as featured – £950
  • Dining tables – from £2,500
  • Shutters – from £750 to £1,000 per square metre (depending on number of leaves and height)
  • Chef’s Choice range: butter knives £4; pasta measurers £10; spatulas and pan scrapers £5; Cerne Abbas Giant’s Club chopping boards £25; large chopping boards (480mm L x 280 W x 20 – 30mm D) in ash, sycamore, oak and walnut at £38, £40, £45 and £60 respectively.

Please contact us for more details.